Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's with California Senator Lowenthal? He wants to eliminate free parking in California,... yeah, WTF??

He wants to change parking everywhere in California: http://la.streetsblog.org/2009/03/02/long-beachs-state-senator-lowenthal-takes-on-parking-requirements/

And eliminate free parking http://www.lbpost.com/ryan/8196 in the whole state of California, now isn't that jsut a new tax on cars... requiring them to pay to park everywhere, every time? How the hell can anyone with a real job pay for that, 'cause I gaurantee Senators don't pay for the gass hog vehicles they drive, are driven in, are flown in, or the fuel that moves the free gas hogs they are provided, nor do they have to pay for parking. But they are consistant in trying to eliminate any fun you can have with yours.

"Lowenthal reiterated his point that free parking is free only to the person parking, where the costs of parking lot construction and maintenance are passed on in the form of higher prices for goods and lower wages for employees. Lowenthal views the bill as a tool to encourage cities and counties to examine ways to manage their parking in order to meet regulations that they will be forced to adhere to by 2020. " Long Beach Post news, Feb 2 2010

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