Saturday, February 27, 2010

The spring Big 3 swapmeet at Qualcomm stadium brings out a lot off cool stuff (lots of yard sale junk too) here's some cool stuff I saw

Look familiar? I just took the following photo at the Grand Nationa Roadster show:

These Vertex magnetos are up for 700 bucks

how about that buggy?

Model T tool kit, looks complete, maybe I'm wrong

Above will be going home with some one new for about 2-300

5 to 10 dollars apiece

cool funky shapes

Don't look for these, I brought them home by trading an issue of Rodders Journal

I want the above to put ont he wall to inspire me to get involved more in drag racing

Gas and electric in one

Own a piece of history! now that is a good sales pitch

Clever! License plates into dust pans.
Jim Beam bottles

wow, this is old and cool, complete and in terrific condition!

Don't look for this Chrondek photo electric timer... I had to give it a good home in my garage!

This old beer keg is one of a dozen I found there, and begging to become a gas tank for a hot rod!

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