Thursday, January 28, 2010

just how fast was a stock hemi Plymouth Satellite?

Or maybe the speed record was 164 mph, depends on the source of info
Just how stock was it? A hemi, yeah, they wouldn't have super tuned that on a dyno, upgraded the guts a little? Dropped to the tallest highway gears available in a 8 3/4 or Dana 60 which were 2.93 and 3.23... maybe aluminum panels? Headers? Hell, I can see the roll cage, so it was prepped for the salt high speed.
Well, how about that, a little diggin around on the internet turns up that is was a prototype Satellite, the first street hemi to be installed, with special fuel injection ste ups and dry sumps, and the project was shepherded by Peter Dawson a Chrysler factory engineer who shared a garage with Tom Hoover (father of the 426 hemi) and a variety of rear axle ratios were brought along,

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