Friday, January 29, 2010

I just went through the Grand National Roadster Show, it's great! It's a lot like a Good Guys show crossed with SEMA

A few cars you don't want to miss;
the '36 Auburn of James Hetfield, the Moonliner and Mooneyes Dragster, the triple nickel 555, Boyd's French Connection, Mr Norm's Demon (old and new) plus the 3 other new Mr Norms retro vehicles, Poteets Miller hauler Special, Hollywood Hot Rods Platinum Bomb and I think 2 other HHR cars, the 1910 Selden ( winner of the 1998 Great American Race, the 1920 Packard Indy car (winner of the 1991 Great American Race) a Reventlow Scarab, the Bartoletti Grand Prix race car transporter, the Glass Slipper, 3 Bean Bandit race cars, El Cid.. the dragster AC Cobra, the Atomic Punk bubble top Roth tribute, and others that I can't recall right now.

Lots of pinstripers, about a dozen, lots of artists with paintings and sculptures to sell, about 3 dozen... so bring money. Prices on the vendor stuff like beer, popcorn and kettle corn, soft serve etc is overpriced like a county fair, like that's not unexpected at anything we go to anymore. I'll happily leave a venue instead of wasting money a minute away from real prices.

This is a shot fromt he Bldg 3 hall of magazine cover cars, in this collection are the Pete and Jake 4 roadsters, the Kookie T replica of Norm Grabowski 's, the Mullen Roadster, and about 2 dozen more
You will want to park in the Red (far right area) off McKinley Ave... it's cheaper than the $25 I paid for the Preferred Parking (I was fed up with trying to find the place and running late)
To get there from South of LA or East of Pomona, I used the 15 North to the 1o West, get off at the Fairplex exit, head north from the 10 for about a mile, it stops at a light on the intersection with McKinley, head East (right) for about 3 miles or so, past many numbered gates

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